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Thankfully, there's a solution that will keep all the members of your household happy for the holidays. As PopSugar reports, Trader Joe's is releasing a special Advent calendar that specifically caters to cats. The Advent calendar is filled with festive goodies your kitty will love. As vice president of merchandising Colin Fields recently revealed on the Inside Trader Joe's podcast, the calendar contains treats made from salmon and seaweed—two ingredients that cats love and that are good for them , too.

10 most venomous snakes in Africa

If they're patient enough to eat one treat a day for the 24 days leading up to Christmas, your cat will be rewarded with a "gigantic," fish-shaped treat on day The product developers at Trader Joe's decided to make an Advent calendar for cats following the success of their Advent calendar for dogs in And if you don't have a pet to entertain during the holidays, don't worry: The cult grocery store chain also sells traditional Advent calendars for humans.

Here are some facts and secrets to brush up on before your next Trader Joe's outing. On October 4, , Snoopy the beagle made his debut in Charles M.

Cobra is Punished When Deliberately Spraying Venom Into Mongooses

Until January 9, , Snoopy walked on all fours. Here are 10 things you might not have known about the world's most beloved beagle. Charles Schulz and his family grew up with dogs, and in they adopted Spike, a black-and-white mutt. Spike and Snoopy have similar markings. Venom to the eyes can also cause impaired vision or blindness if the eyes are not urgently cleaned out with water or milk.

The snake's fangs are specially modified for spitting venom.

Common Thailand Snakes | 2 | ThailandSnakes

This allows the Mozambican spitting cobra to spit its venom to a distance of two to three metres. Furious DStv customers see red over billing charges. South Africa claims back its passport power.


Mapimpi pours cold water on Boks racism claims after huddle furore. Cobras, with their threatening hoods and intimidating upright postures, are some of the most iconic snakes on Earth.

follow Their elegance, prideful stance and venomous bite have made them both respected and feared. There is some disagreement about what exactly a cobra is, and the number of cobra species ranges from 28 to about depending on how a cobra is defined. Elpididae includes other snakes like coral snakes, kraits and mambas.

Cobras are Elapids, a type of poisonous snake with hollow fangs fixed to the top jaw at the front of the mouth. These snakes cannot hold their fangs down on prey so they inject venom through their fangs, according to the San Diego Zoo. They have an excellent sense of smell and night vision.

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In addition to their trademark hoods, cobras have round pupils and smooth scales. Colors vary widely from species to species. There are red, yellow, black, mottled, banded and many other colors and patterns of cobra. Cobras are large snakes; many species reach more than 6 feet long 2 meters.

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  7. The smallest species is the Mozambique spitting cobra, which is about 4 feet long 1. King cobras, the longest of all venomous snakes, can reach 18 feet 5.

    Legends of the East: The Cobra's Eye Walkthrough, Guide, & Tips | Big Fish

    According to Cobras by Sylvia A. Johnson Lerner, , cobras typically live in hot, tropical areas but are also found in savannahs, grasslands, forests and farming areas in Africa and Southern Asia. They like to spend time underground, under rocks and in trees. Most cobras can stand as tall as a third of their body length.