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A number of expatriates have fallen into a debt trap and landed behind bars. The cases stemmed from failure to repay credit card debt or personal loan, and paying with cheques that later bounced. Others have been unable to borrow again because they have been blacklisted by banking authorities, while some are facing the difficulty of leaving the country because their passport has been used as a guarantee by a troubled borrower.

According to Almazar, there have been several expatriates of different nationalities who have turned to them for advice or legal assistance to deal with indebtedness, among other problems. Most will come here looking for better opportunities.

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  5. For many expats, things start getting complicated when they lose their jobs or when their employers fail to pay their salaries. Because of the police case, they will not be able to renew their visa. So the situation gets worse. Expats are advised that if they default on credit card or loan payments or the cheques they use to settle their bills have bounced, they are likely to end up in jail. There have been reports of expatriates facing legal issues after having sex outside marriage or getting pregnant out of wedlock. Others are also in trouble for having extra-marital affairs. The local laws, for example, do not allow unmarried couples to share the same roof.

    The punishment for consensual sex is one-year detention, pursuant to Article of the Penal Code. Almazar said expatriates usually seek assistance when an illegal affair has resulted in pregnancy. Another problem faced by many expatriates, according to Almazar, is intoxication or possession of prohibited drugs. Drinking without a licence to purchase regulated beverages is illegal and can land expatriates in jail.

    Anyone caught violating the law may face a detention of less than a month to six months, or a fine of Dh1, Unfortunately, not many expats are probably aware of such prohibition, so they end up in trouble. In this survey, out of the total studied cases years with positive premarital sexual history, Kamtchoning et al. Mclean 13 researching the high school students of Swaziland found that they were sexually active by the age of Sachdev P 15 in a similar study found that only four in ten students from Delhi University reported occasional condom usage during sexual intercourses.

    Rachna Sujoy 4 in her similar study found that Jeejibhoy and Sebastien 16 found growing evidences of premarital onset of sexual activity, particularly among young males from urban areas. Similar finding was seen in the present study.

    A theoretical framework for premarital sexual decisions in the dyad | SpringerLink

    In the information era, young generations are getting early puberty, but without psychological maturity. The age of sexual debut is also decreasing as low as years. Socio-economic class plays its own role; upper class students have more prevalence of premarital sex and consistent condom usage, while lower socio-economic class students have more prevalence of multiple sex partner and occasional condom usage.

    The prevalence of indulgence in premarital sex was more in students staying at hostels compared to the ones not staying at hostels. Even among hostel-staying students, the incidence increased with longer hostel accommodation, which might be due to the fact that they still hesitate to follow such high risk behaviors when they are in custody of parents, despite living in mixed cultures. Under the effects of western acculturation in our country, the rate of premarital sex indulgence by young people is on an increasing trend.

    So the actions such as easy and continuous condom availability development, especially around colleges, hostels and campuses, repeated generation awareness programs at colleges and hostels, availability of youth counselors at colleges, and promoting diagnostic and treatment facilities for sexually transmitted infections STIs should be strongly considered. A study on youth frustration with special emphasis on college students.

    Premarital sex, other top problems of UAE expats

    Youth in India, Situation and Needs. Sujoy R. Abraham L, Kumar K A. Sexual experiences and their correlates among college students in Mumbai City, India. Int Famil Plan Perspect. Jejeebhoy SJ. Adolescent sexual and reproductive behavior: a review of the evidence from India. Soc Sci Med.

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    The Youth sexuality study at Pune University. Sathe AG, Sathe S.

    10 Reasons to Avoid Sex Before Marriage

    Knowledge, Behaviour and attitudes about sexuality amongst adolescents in Pune: A situational analysis. Jaya J, Hindin MJ. Premarital romantic partnerships: attitudes and sexual experiences of youth in Delhi, India. Int Perspect Sex Reprod Health.


    Tivvari VK, Kumar A. J Family Welfare ; 50 2 : 62 National Family Health Survey Sexuality of adolescent students in Yaounde Cameroon. J Contracept Fertil Sexual.

    McLean PE. Sexual behaviors and attitudes of high school students in the kingdom of Swaziland. J Adolesc Res. Note that pre-marital sex is not a mini-marriage, but it is encroaching upon the holy ground of marriage in an unacceptable way.

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    But it is not just prostitution that is addressed here, or just dualism either. In chapter 7 Paul addresses the situation of two unmarried Christians who are burning with passion who should either exercise self-control or get married cf. The underlying assumptions are the same as those in Deuteronomy However, they do not just refer to prostitution. See the relevant dictionary articles for more details: Eg. In many cases illicit sex, not sex for hire , is in view. However, it is an excellent translation for porneia , which basically referred to any kind of sex outside of marriage, be it gay or straight, prostitution, incest, or bestiality.

    This has been contested see the debate between B. Malina and J. Jensen in Nov. Theological arguments revolve around the covenant of marriage as the proper context for sexual activity and the parallel of marriage with the relationship between God and his people.

    Premarital sex

    Pre-marital sex is wrong, as Ortlund says, because "it toys with the biblical mystery" and violates it. Ortlund, Whoredom , page Roman Catholic arguments from natural law state that it is contrary to the purpose of sex procreation, and education of resulting child. If we are left unconvinced by biblical and theological arguments then the fact that pre-marital sex has always been held to be wrong by Christians through the centuries must have some weight in our thinking.

    Whilst it is dangerous to believe something simply because it is the traditional view, the burden of proof is upon anyone who would challenge the consensus of several millennia. Biblical arguments to this effect will probably not convince the non-Christian mind, but there is a great deal of evidence that pre-marital sex undermines the foundations of a stable society, for which trust, stability, marriage and family, equality and self-control are vital. The emotional strain of "serial monogamy," the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease, for example, show the rational nature of the argument against pre-marital sex.

    Any Christian argument against pre-marital sex ought to start from the Bible and not from pragmatic concerns. Pragmatic considerations can, however, play a part in the persuasive presentation of the case. What if you get pregnant? What about sexually transmitted disease? Note however, that this is a limited argument given the widespread belief in "safe sex".

    Sex is an emotional activity, and it hurts to be often breaking-up with sexual partners.

    For engaged couples who have waited this long, it is better to wait until you are married for sex, because you never know what might happen before the "big day.