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Products of this store will be shipped directly from the UK to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from China to your country. Products of this store will be shipped directly from Japan to your country. The US Government is made to sound like it [or elements of it are] secretly making money off the Tek Cartels while attempting to either control or "destroy" the elements refusing to cooperate. The leaders of the cartels who refuse to cooperate are murdered.

It is an ingenious plan - android servants are specifically created for ten cartel leaders in order to murder them; seven have already been murdered.

I am sure this is what leads into the next novel in the series. The kidnapped Alicia Bower [the underlying "focus" of this novel] had overheard her father discussing this list with a government agent, and then the silly woman had gone on to read the list of names. After the attempted mind-wipe [eventually] failed, she was taken to the facility again for a second, deeper mind-wipe and memory replacement procedure.

The TekWar Series Books 4-6: Tek Vengeance, Tek Secret, and Tek Power

Jake rescues her with assistance and takes her to the facility of a former government agent who tries to repair the damage done by the government's mind-wiping people [instead of just outright killing them]. Of course, this becomes a slippery slope because it would be all-to-easy for the government to start murdering dissidents and even other elected officials who disagreed with "current policy procedures" or whathaveyou. Plus, having android "agents" act in such a way circumvents any legal rights the murdered might have if he [or she] were to physically appear in a courtroom setting.

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It was kind of amusing, though, the amount of disdain that was heaped upon the "kamikaze" androids used in earlier novels. The makers of the servant-assassin androids were quite proud at how well their models were able to fulfill their "mission parameters" before going about their "regular duties" as servants.

When Jake's son was threatened, Bascom did have some of his agency's operatives watching over him, and mention is made of other operatives working for Bascom's organization, but I do not remember ever reading of another employee's name being mentioned.

The Tekwar Series in order -

Just how large and powerful is Bascom's organization, anyway? And, yet, we only see three individuals on a regular basis?

However, in retrospect, I do think I remember reading the names of other agents as being possible contenders for assignments being given out or to coerce Jake into taking "the plum assignment" or be swapped out onto a "lower priority, less prestigious" assignment from time to time. In order to ensure the three surviving cartel members were not murdered as well as to ensure Alicia and others taken by the government were not murdered, Natalie was given enough information to air a story globally that revealed the government "android servant-assassin scandal" and ensured any who might have had to worry about being murdered no longer had to worry about being killed.

No outcries, no protests, no international sanctions of any kind. No punishment at all. So what, exactly, are the nations of the world doing, that they do not protest what the United States government did in attempting to assassinate ten Tek Cartel leaders like they did? Also, how powerful is the Bascom Detective Agency?

National governments and law enforcement officers, even powerful government officials, have no desire to cross Bascom and his agency because of 'how powerful' it is. It is so powerful it can exert that much influence on other nations and foreign governments? It must be pretty powerful, indeed. Pretty crazy stuff!

The TekWar Series Books 4-6: Tek Vengeance, Tek Secret, and Tek Power

I think I would have liked it more had it not had so much violence directed towards women and children or the under-age female prostitutes. It moved at a decent pace, overall, despite some hiccups along the way. I do not know if I will ever read this novel [or this series] again, but I think I am glad I took a chance and "finished" the series at least once [I had read the first two books and then stopped]. I do remember watching some of the movies that aired on USA when they first came out and enjoying the made-for-TV movies, so perhaps that influenced me to finish the series of novels.

I cannot see reading it more than once, however. Of course another HIT!

Tek Vengeance, Tek Secret, and Tek Power

I loved it! Suspenseful, mysterious, left me on the edge of my seat. The series keeps on rocking! Really hoping for a new movie, one that is in theaters. View 1 comment. Aug 03, Randy rated it it was amazing. Ghost written by Ron Goulart. May 28, Jeremy Morgan rated it it was ok. I just can't quit you, Tek series.

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I know your all kinds of awful, but I love you for it. Aaron rated it really liked it Jul 04, Lynda rated it liked it Jun 01, Graden rated it liked it May 12, Bob Krusenklaus rated it really liked it Jul 30, Kevin S rated it liked it Apr 02, After Gomez established the fact that he was Gomez, the two detectives used the indicated doorway and then started down a curving ramp. The Executive Dining Room was large and below the sea. Through the wide tinted windows the ocean of the Santa Monica Sector coast could be seen, rich with flickering marine life. At a table beside a seaview window sat a broad-shouldered silverhaired young man and a slim young woman.

They watched Jake and Gomez for a moment and then the woman, who was completely bald and wore a crimson business suit, stood up. China Vargas had a small tattoo of a spread-winged raven on her gleaming hairless head. She rubbed at it thoughtfully with her forefinger as she gazed across the lunch table at them. It's liable to be, you know, strenuous. Larry Knerr scowled. When he shrugged, the fur-trimmed lapels of his suitcoat brushed at his earlobes. Leave him on the bench, China, and let me and my crew do the job. He has a foul temper, an exwife who's in the jug because of fraternizing with Tek biggies and —".

Knerr in our little discussion group? He might perhaps skip pebbles across the pounding surf and commune with the gulls. If anybody is going to take his leave, buddy, you —". Jake walked around the table, took hold of the man's left arm and twisted it up behind his back.

TekWar: TekLords (1994)

With his other hand he caught the fur collar. Although, China, I really think you're making a mistake in dealing with these superannuated gumshoes. Especially since —". Knerr is leaving us now. Larry annoys lots of people. Most of them ignore him, but some, like you, prefer to toss him out on his ear. Gomez, both elbows resting on the table top, said, "Walt Bascom, our boss at Cosmos, didn't give us too many details on this case. Suppose —". Until my father, who's the publisher of this rag, stuck me with this job, I'd never heard of Will Sparey. What I mean is, you two guys have to go down to Brazil, locate him and bring him safely home.

That's not my idea, but my father insists we owe it to Sparey. Is she here in Greater LA? Simply because my father is originally from across the border doesn't mean —".