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In Ed married Patricia Dennis, and the following year, Ed decided to exchange Cleveland and sailmaking for Detroit and the machine tool industry. After several years as a sales representative with a strong record, Ed was hired to rebuild Detroit Tap and Tool, an established supplier of taps and gauges to the automotive industry. Rather than rebuild, Ed took Detroit Tap and Tool through several re-identifications, paralleling the twists and turns of the auto industry from the s through the s. Serendipitously in , Ed was approached by an inventor who needed assistance developing a novel screw thread — one that, if manufacturing tolerances could be held, would solve a problem that plagued many industries; vibrations loosen all screws — except this one.

As Ed edged toward retirement, he consulted for many manufacturing organizations, establishing frameworks for change and teaching executives the art of following through. He not only won national, regional and local championships in sailboats, he also was an expert fisherman, skeet shooter and bird hunter. For many years, he could be found schooling players half his age in the game of handball.

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The earliest kno. The book is sailor Ishmael's narrative of the obsessive quest of Ahab, captain of the whaling ship Pequod, for revenge on Moby Dick, the giant white sperm whale that on the ship's previous voyage bit off Ahab's leg at the knee. A contribution to the literature of the American Renaissance, the work's genre classifications range from late Romantic to early Symbolist. Moby-Dick was published to mixed reviews, was a commercial failure, and was out of print at the time of the author's death in Its reputation as a "Great American Novel" was established only in the 20th century, after the centennial of its author's birth.

William Faulkner confessed he wished he had written the book himself,[1] and D. Lawrence called it "one of the strangest and most wonderful books in the world" and "the greatest book of the sea ever written". Common whipping knot A whipping knot or whipping is a binding of marline twine or whipcord around the end of a rope to prevent its natural tendency to fray.

The whipping can be made neat and permanent by tying it off or sewing the ends of the twine through the rope. According to The Ashley Book of Knots, "The purpose of a whipping is to prevent the end of a rope from fraying A whipping should be, in width, about equal to the diameter of the rope on which it is put Whipping is suitable for synthetic and natural stranded and braided ropes, lines and cables, including 3-strand rope, 4-strand cable and 8-strand multiplait as well as concentric and braided constructions. Tying Unsecured end of double braid rope.

Multiple turns of twin. Phil Morrison born November is a British boat designer and racer rendered notable by the success of his many designs in many classes since as well as his own distinguished yacht racing career. He was born in Eastbourne, England. His designs embrace dinghies, yachts, rowing boats, and multihulls; he has been successful in a yacht and dinghy racing career since the late s. He is noted for blending innovation with elegant well engineered structures and high performance, whilst also delivering users controllability and sailability.

Dinghy designer Morrison grew up in Eastbourne, during the late fifties and sixties. The National 12 is a development class where anyone can design and build new boats within specific restrictions, such as length, beam, weight and sail area. At the age of 18 he designed his first racing dinghy, a National 12 called "China Doll" which was built by "Spud" Peter. Wilson born , sailmaker, rigger, and sail designer. Shield-maidens also appear in stories of other Germanic peoples: Goths, Cimbri, and Marcomanni.

Flyer II is a yacht. She gave birth to Franklin in , and was a devoted mother to him for the remainder of her life, including home schooling and living close by in adulthood. She had a complex relationship with her daughter-in-law Eleanor, which has led to media portrayals of her as a domineering and fearsome mother-in-law, though these are at odds with other views. She died in , with her son, then the President, at her side. Tom Whidden photo Thomas A. Whidden is one of the most-acclaimed sailors of all-time. Whidden, who began sailing at age ten at the Cedar Point Yacht Club in Westport, Connecticut, is one of the most experienced America's Cup sailors in the history of the sport.

He sailed with Dennis Conner in a total of eight campaigns, beginning in as Conner's trial horse skipper. He has raced as tactician in five series races and has won. Born free in the city, he became a sailmaker after the American Revolutionary War. Following an apprenticeship, he became the foreman and bought the sail loft when his boss retired. Based on equipment he himself had developed, he established a highly profitable business.

It was located on the busy waterfront of the Delaware River, in an area now called Penn's Landing. Forten used his wealth and social standing to work for civil rights for African Americans in both the city and nationwide. Beginning in , he opposed the colonization movements, particularly that of the American Colonization Society. He affirmed Americans' claim to a stake in the United States of America. He persuaded William Lloyd Garrison to adopt an anti-colonization position and helped fund his newspaper The Liberator —65 , frequently publishing letters on public issues.

He became vice-preside.

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Freeman Island from the west shore of Orcas Island; July Freeman, the sailmaker of the expedition's Peacock. References Phillips, James W. Washington State Place Names. University of Washington Press. Fletcher Christian and the mutineers cast Lieutenant William Bligh and 18 others adrift; painting by Robert Dodd. Disaffected crewmen, led by Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian, seized control of the ship from their captain Lieutenant William Bligh and set him and 18 loyalists adrift in the ship's open launch.

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The mutineers variously settled on Tahiti or on Pitcairn Island. Bounty had left England in on a mission to collect and transport breadfruit plants from Tahiti to the West Indies. A five-month layover in Tahiti, during which many of the men lived ashore and formed relationships with native Polynesians, led many men to be less amenable to military discipline. Relations between Bligh and his crew deteriorated after he be. The United States branch was established in New York Times. April 30, Retrieved The sensation caused in British yachting circles by the announcement that Ratsey Lapthorn, the English sailmakers, who have an establishment at City Island, N.

During the early part of the war, the RFC supported the British Army by artillery co-operation and photographic reconnaissance. This work gradually led RFC pilots into aerial battles with German pilots and later in the war included the strafing of enemy infantry and emplacements, the bombing of German military airfields and later the strategic bombing of German industrial and transport facilities. These were first used for aerial spotting on 13 September but only became efficient when they perfected the use of wireless communication at Aubers Ridge on 9 May Aerial photography was attempted during , bu.

The Regimental Sergeant Major of the Royal Bermuda Regiment, WO1 Herman Eve, in A warrant officer WO is an officer in a military organisation who is designated an officer by a warrant, as distinguished from a commissioned officer who is designated an officer by a commission, and a non-commissioned officer who is designated an officer, often by virtue of seniority.

The rank was first used in the 13th century in the Royal Navy and is today used in most services in many countries, including the Commonwealth nations and the United States.

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Outside the United States, warrant officers are included in the "other ranks" OR category, equivalent to the US "E" enlisted category and rank between non-commissioned officers and commissioned officers. In the commonwealth warrant officers rank between chief petty officer and sub-lieutenant in the navy, between staff sergeant and second lieutenant in the army and between flight sergeant and pilot officer in the air force.

Warrant officers in the United States are. African-American businesses, also known as Black-owned businesses or Black businesses, originated in the days of slavery before Emancipation and civil rights permitted businessmen to operate inside the American legal structure starting in the Reconstruction Era —77 and afterwards.

The Sailmaker's Palm : A Novel by Anna Gill (2011, Paperback)

By the 's, thousands of small business operations had opened in urban areas. The most rapid growth came in the early 20th century, as the increasingly rigid Jim Crow system of segregation moved urban Blacks into a community large enough to support a business establishment. Washington, college president, promoted--opened over chapters. It reached every city with a significant Black population.

African Americans have operated virtually every kind of company, but some of the most prominent Black-owned businesses have been insurance companies, banks, recording labels, funeral parlors, barber shops, beauty salons, restaurants, soul food restaurants, record stores, a. Sir John Franklin was Barrow's reluctant choice to lead the expedition.

Portrait of Jane Griffin later Lady Franklin , 24, in She married John Franklin in , a year before he was knighted. A Royal Navy officer and expe. Sail twist can be seen in the mainsail of this sloop by comparing the straight line of the luff along the mast to the curve of the leech. Sail twist is a phenomenon in sailing where the head of the sail is at a different angle of incidence from the foot of the sail in order to change the lift distribution with height. Twist is measured by comparing the angle of a straight line between the leading edge luff and trailing edge leech with that of the boom.

Manipulation of the traveler can counteract this because it always pulls the boom laterally.

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The vang on the other hand does the opposite, it always changes th. The dockyards importance declined after the Royal Navy started moving its victualling centre from Kinsale to Cork harbour in during the Napoleonic. Robert R. Fears — was an American politician who served as the first Mayor of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Early life Fears was born in Gloucester in As a young man he worked in the sail making business with his father and was a member of the state militia. One February 20, , a special town meeting voted to 48 to petition the Massachusetts General Court for a city charter.

Fears was chosen to serve on the committee tasked with drawing up the new charter.

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The charter was adopted at a May 15, town meeting to He was the Democratic nominee and defeated Republican Addison Gilbert 1, votes to He was reelected without opposition in He was defeated in by Republican Allan Rogers 1, to A heaving line knot is a family of knots which are used for adding weight to the end of a rope, to make the rope easier to throw. In nautical use, a heaving line knot is often tied to the end of a messenger line, which is then used for pulling a larger rope, such as a hawser.

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There are several distinct knots which all share the common name, heaving line knot. Tying Make a bight in the tail end of the rope. Wrap the working end around the tail toward the bight end, with multiple turns. Complete the knot by passing the tail end through the bight loop. Ashley, with amendments by Geoffrey The Ashley book of knots.

New York: Doubleday. The town is the terminus of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, a heritage steam branch line which has been restored and runs through the Worth Valley to Oxenhope via Oakworth and Haworth. And he saved his tribe from an attack. I think it was called Boy of the Islands, or Tanu of the Islands, or something.

Wondering if it sounds familiar?